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  • Design Team

    Design Team

    Cooperation with international clothing brands

    Understanding the orientation and trend of clothing chain brand

  • Production Team

    Production Team

    In prophase production and later packaging

    Guarantee transportation safety and plan

  • Sales Team

    Sales Team

    Learning the culture of customer brand before providing the scheme

    Provide a comprehensive and elegant product plan

  • After-sale Service Team

    After-sale Service Team

    There is a long-term cooperation network in all countries

    Providing professional service after customer after sale

  • 24 Hour Hotline

    24 Hour Hotline


The company has a permanent position in all kinds of media sites, the development and production of the chain brand's advertising lamp box and the long-term cooperation with the major media companies.
Understand terminal consumption for the accurate delivery of various types of advertising facilities to give professional construction and product recommendations.

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